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Since Fall 2010, I have been an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. In Summer 2010, I completed my doctoral research at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Department. My research focuses on the evolution of active galactic nuclei (AGN) in clusters of galaxies. I utilize multiwavelength observations (Chandra X-ray imaging/spectroscopy, Very Large Array (VLA) radio maps, and optical imaging/spectroscopy) to understand the nature of these sources within the cluster environment. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how the energy output of AGN affect their surroundings and if they alter the physical properties of the intracluster medium. In addition I mentor undergraduate physics majors interested in conducting astronomy research.

My scientific interests include AGN in clusters and groups of galaxies, energy feedback mechanisms, radio-loud sources, multi-wavelength studies, observational astronomy with large and small telescopes, binary stars, astronomy education research and public outreach. I enjoy teaching at a small liberal arts college that is dedicated to training science majors for a broad range of future careers (e.g. teaching, research, industry, computing, etc) by integrating their science education with their humanities and arts education. Currently, I am involved in informal science education for K-12 students by organizing summer camps for middle school students and bringing together Denver/Boulder area institutions to develop and implement Denver Girls STEM Initiatives.

Prior to my education at CU-Boulder, I was a analyst at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the Atmospheric Research Labortory. I utilized radiative transfer codes to model sunlight through clouds and aerosols. My other work experiences include teaching astronomy courses (lecture/lab) at local community colleges, studying search engines for an internet hosting company, and investigating accretion signatures in binary star systems.



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